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La Javaness dans le Top 10 des éditeurs de solutions cognitives en Europe ! Retrouvez-nous le 11 et 12 juin au Salon AI Paris !

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Javaness brings your team and your business to the AI ​​revolution!

Deliver AI-Powered business solutions at scale to maximize your business value and productivity

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We deliver AI-powered solutions that tackle organizations’ pressing business challenges.

We believe that AI technologies will power all business processes across industries. Before we set out to build our solutions, we had proved repeatedly how AI significantly increases businesses’ revenue and productivity. However, getting AI to work in real life is no easy task. We are innovating to build production-ready AI solutions, performance at scale guaranteed.

Real-time machine learning

Empower time-critical decision-
making with our unique
technology advantage and
capability to execute
sophisticated machine learning
models in milliseconds in

Human-centric design

Our solutions help people at work.
What our AI does, how it does and
how it integrates into work
experience are thoughtfully
designed so that people can
unleash their best human potential

Control and flexibility

Steer the solutions in line with your
specific business strategy and rules
as they evolve. Own full control of
your decision-making and adjust
business rules as needed on the fly


Otto Solutions

Otto augments customer services by automating tedious tasks, such as processing emails and incoming calls for example. As Otto keeps an eye everywhere, he also allows you to have a global vision of the customer satisfaction!

  • Award

    2018 AI Business Day Trophy by L’Usine Digitale

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Predictor Solutions

In response to an uncertain market and clients who are more and more demanding, Predictor maximizes your revenue with Real-Time machine learning and supports your salespeople in their operational and strategic decisions, whether it concerns pricing, marketing, sales or even demand management.

  • Award

    2018 Innovation Trophy at Salon Big Data Paris

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Top 10 Cognitive Solution Provider CIOApplications

Proud to be part of the 2019 Top 10 Cognitive Solution Providers from a magazine based inside the Silicon Valley!

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Trophée innovation 2018

Thanks to our Real-time machine learning technology, Predictor Smart Pricing won the Innovation Trophy at Big Data Paris 2018!

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Prix expérience client IA 2018

Otto Mailbot won the best customer experienece award during the AI Business day exhibition by L’Usine Digitale !

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