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AI Factory

Accelerate your path to AI at scale

The Scale AI conundrum


84 % des cadres dirigeants (CxO) pensent devoir déployer l’IA à l’échelle dans         l’ensemble de leur entreprise pour atteindre leurs objectifs stratégiques.


16% d’entre eux seulement sont effectivement passés au-delà de l’expérimentation.

(Harvard Business Review 2020)

The Iceberg of a CDO’s challenges in scaling AI

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84% of C-suite executives believe that they need to scale AI across their businesses to achieve their strategic objectives.

Only 16% of them have actually moved beyond experimentation.

(Harvard Business Review 2020)

We help you solve the AI@scale conundrum with the real Scale AI expertise, proven tools and platform.


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Déploiement et


Gestion de run


La Javaness’ all-in-one AI platform allows organizations to build, productionize, and operate AI software, in the cloud or on premise

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Hear from leaders

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"Succeeding AI at scale and the business transformation by integrating AI in our practices. It was with this objective that the “Intelligence Emploi” programme won the FTAP public funding. Such an ambition requires a unique and transversal organization, enabling our capacity building to paint a long-term blueprint for

Pôle emploi. So we’ve created an AI Factory. Its ambitoin is to accelerate, industrialize the development of the state-of-the-art capabilities that are leveraged to explore, develop, deploy, operate and maintain AI solutions, for our business transformation. 

Our partner La Javaness brings us tools from its AI platform, which help us to accelerate scaling AI."

Michel Cottura, director of Intelligence Emploi program and associated general director of Pôle emploi

Learn more about the « Intelligence Emploi » program

Richard RUOT, director of programs at Pôle emploi, shares the responsible use of AI as engine to transform the public service

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