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Our expertises

A pure-player in data and AI, La Javaness is one of the leading players on the French market

We operate across the entire AI and data value chain, from strategy to implementation. As providers of open source solutions, we contribute to the development of digital commons. 

  • A player who develops high value-added solutions with its clients, on their core business, based on AI, through to their industrialization in complex environments

  • An expert producer of open-source technologies who helps its clients keep their strategic autonomy

  • A partner who helps to inform decision-making, on subjects with positive impacts and on ESG in particular

Data & AI strategy and architecture 

  • Strategy, ideation, data/AI acculturation

  • Data architecture

  • Data/ AI management

  • Strategic insight through data

AI / Gen AI Assistants

  • Unify the user experience in a redesigned access to the information system with LLMs

  • Simplify data analysis with natural language 

  • Access to enterprise knowledge base

  • Predict and augment your commercial performance

Industrialization of data / AI stack

  • Modernization of Data platforms
    (Move to Cloud, move to Opensource, simplification, generalization…)

  • Construction of data pipelines / Business objects

  • DataOps / MlOps implementation

  • Data visualization, BI, reporting…

Our highly qualified team, comprised of AI experts, researchers, data scientists, data engineers, architects, developers, DevOps, designers and project managers, supports you to succeed your projects from start to finish. 

A question? A project?

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