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Gedi, cognitive search & insights platform

Enable access to unexploited knowledge and insights from siloed data

Your employees need better tools to access information so they can create business value

20% of business time is wasted on searching

Employees spend 1.8 hours every day - 9.3 hours per week, on average - searching and gathering information. (Mckinsey study)

80% of enterprise data remains unexploited

The exponential growth of data from inside and outside of the organization has made it impossible for human workers to process information and derive real-time insights. 75% of executives consider dark data, mostly in an unstructured format, a primary concern.

Traditional search tools fail

Poor relevancy of search results, limited capability in understanding the enterprise data and context, and the natural language are some of the main pitfalls.

Gedi breaks knowledge silos and brings information and insights customized for your teams


GEDI Search


Powered by state-of-the-art AI and NLP, Gedi has superior understanding of user’s intent and context, no matter what and how they search (e.g. with natural language). Your contents of diverse sources (Sharepoint, Outlook, Cloud repository, business applications, databases, websites, social media) and formats (pdf, ppt, word, excel, jpeg, video, emails, html, json, csv) are augmented by AI so users can access previously unsearchable contents.


GEDI Insights

Gedi helps you to analyze documents faster and extract insights. It can extract and highlight the most relevant phrases and paragraphs within a document, compare information across similar documents, and generate synthesis. It also helps to detect early signals and emerging trends hidden in the enterprise data. Users can get a curated insights dashboard, visualize a 360-degree view of a topic, receive alerts on the most valuable real-time insights

Learn about Gedi use cases across your organization

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Customer search


Help customers find the right product or information on your websites or customer portal.

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Technical search


Support technical teams find the right information from the knowledge base to accelerate their work (product development,  legal information, customer service policies…)

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Market research


Quickly identify the most relevant and valuable insight amongst a huge amount of presentations and reports.


Trend detection


Uncover trends, identify emerging topics and the next big thing from the business sector, financial market and scientific publications.

Revolutionize search experience and augment knowledge like them


A luxury brand equips its watchmakers with GEDI to accelerate time-to-market of its premium products

A ministry augments its collective intelligence with Gedi cognitive search

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