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Otto, intelligent process automation

Free teams from low-value added workflows

Automation offers huge opportunities for businesses to improve quality, customer and employee satisfaction of their services

60 percent of all occupations have at least 30 percent technically automatable activities (Mckinsey study).

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Otto Assistance


Like a team assistant, Otto works alongside your teams and helps them with the mundane tasks. Otto understands the unstructured data in the customer messages and internal documents, categorizes, routes the requests to the right team, suggests relevant actions to agents or automates the resolutions.


Management Cockpit

We give agents and managers a transparent view of how Otto and existing processes are functioning together. Otto Cockpit allows users to configure AI actions, adjust AI-powered processes on the fly, identify malfunctioning and low performant workflow, and zoom in to find causes.


Advanced process analytics

Each business process gives you insights into the health of your human+AI workflow. Otto analyzes the data generated by your workflows (customer conversations, workflow logs…), and delivers actionable insights that take your workflows to the next level.

Otto helps you transform the most manual, repetitive and error-prone workflows 

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Customer service 

– email, social media, chat and voice


30% of customer service agents’ time is spent on repetitive and basic tasks before they can hit reply. Otto categorizes and routes customer requests, suggests or automate answers, helping agents deliver amazing omnichannel customer service 24/7.

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KYC & identity management


Otto processes and classifies identity and KYC data, detects KYC risks and inconsistency, and automates the remediation. Otto helps you deliver a seamless and transparent customer experience with faster onboarding, while meeting the strict regulatory compliance requirements.


Contract management

Otto helps throughout your contract management lifecycle, from customer subscription, claims, to customer payments and rendered services. Otto classifies and extracts key information of contract-related documents and automates the associated workflow. So your team can better focus on value-added tasks.


Invoice processing

Otto classifies and extracts information from receipts and invoices. The data is automatically entered in your accounting systems. So your team can save time and improve the accounting process.

See Otto in action

Increase customer and employee satisfaction like them


A large energy group partners with La Javaness to transform to an AI-powered customer relation organization


A large administration uses La Javaness Otto solution to support its agents 


A large bank partners with La Javaness to reinvent smart KYC


A public service agency uses AI to automate data extraction from millions of CVs

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