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Predictor, real-time predictive intelligence

Augment business agility and performance

Human + AI is the future of enterprise business process 

Turn data into intelligence

No matter in marketing, sales, supply chain, or IT and cybersecurity operations, your business processes generate data every second. In addition, the external data that you capture provides a mine of information. Using these historical and real-time data to produce intelligence creates substantial performance gain for an agile organization.

Help teams to make the best data-driven decisions

Your people are making decisions daily based on their business knowledge, experience and data. Customized to your teams, Predictor provides prediction and user-centric explainability that support them to investigate every situation and make the best decision.

Predictor boosts your business processes and teams with real-time predictive intelligence

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Marketing & Sales

Hyper-personalization of customer experience throughout their journey

  • 360-degree single customer view

  • Dynamic segmentation based on customer behavior

  • Smart prospection 

  • Product recommendation

  • Next best action 

  • Upsell, cross-sell

  • Smart promotion

  • Churn prediction



Smart pricing based on customer, sales, inventory and external data (competitors, social media, weather, traffic…)

  • Pricing B2B

  • Pricing B2C

  • Revenue management for the travel and hospitality industries


Fraud & cybersecurity

Fraud detection, diagnostic and prevention


Cyber attack detection and diagnostic 


Detection of anomalies and suspicious events  

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Predict IT incidents, provide root-cause and impact analysis, and trigger automated or assisted remediation

What our clients say

Deploy Predictor at scale like them


An insurance group uses Predictor churn prediction to personnalize its customer engagement


The French market regulator partners with La Javaness to combat fraud


A world-leading industrial company partners with La Javaness to deploy smart pricing for its sales organization


A large logistic group uses AI to predict client orders and reduce high delivery costs due to volatile demands 


An international hotel group integrates AI into revenue management


A large media company uses AI for smart pricing of advertising

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