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Accelerate your path to AI at scale

Unleash unparalleled organizational potential, throughout its value chain 

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Libérez votre potentiel à tous les niveaux de votre chaîne de valeur

Find out how our AI solutions can help.

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Fabrication et Supply chain

Insights-driven decision making

Research & innovation

  • Augmented market research

  • Early trends and signals detection


Research & innovation

Product development

  • Smart assistance to product development teams in accessing information: technical procedures and manuals, legal documents, etc.

  • Quality control and compliance check of documents

Product development 

Operational optimization

Supply chain / flow management

  • Customer demand prediction

  • Smart production planning

  • Distribution planning optimization

  • Revenue management, ex. hospitality and travel industries

Supply chain / flow management


  • Predictive maintenance

  • Resource allocation optimization

  • Unstructured data reconciliation


Gestion du risque et Support


Risk control & support

Intelligent automation

Risk, compliance & cybersecurity

  • Real-time anomaly and fraud detection: abnormal behavior, suspicious transactions, emails, documents, websites…

  • Data inconsistency detection 

  • Data quality and authenticity control

  • Smart KYC and remediation automation 

  • AIOps: IT operations incidents detection prediction and smart remediation


Risk, compliance & cybersecurity

Document management

  • Document classification

  • Information extraction from unstructured data with OCR, speech-to-text 

  • Quality and compliance control of documents

Document management

Finance & HR

  • Automatic invoice classification and processing

  • Automatic CV extraction


Finance & HR

Marketing, sales & customer relations

Personalized customer journey

Acquisition & customer journey

  • Lead scoring

  • Dynamic targeting

  • Smart pricing

  • Personalized promotion & loyalty program

  • Up-selling, cross-selling

  • Personalized product recommendation 

  • Next best action suggestion

  • Churn prediction

Acquisition & customer journey

Customer knowledge

  • 360-degree Single Customer View

  • Dynamic behavioral hyper-segmentation

  • Customer lifetime value prediction

  • Enriched customer knowledge with AI by extracting unexploited information from internal and external data

Customer knowledge

Customer relations

  • Customer requests categorization

  • Smart routing

  • Answers and contents suggestion to agents

  • Automated answers

  • Virtual assistant, voicebot and callbot

  • Voice of the customer, sentiment/opinion/emotion analysis

  • Cognitive search of the knowledge base

  • Smart telephone scheduling

Customer relations


Accelerate your path to AI@scale


Cognitive search & insights platform


Intelligent process automation


Predictive intelligence

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