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Make AI at Scale

We help large organizations to succeed by using machine intelligence responsibly and efficiently

La Javaness is the trusted AI Partner of leading organizations

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BPI France le Hub

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AI Mapping 2020

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Top 10 AI Solution Providers

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Winner AI Business Day

De nombreux prix pour nos solutions IA

Winner Big Data Paris Innovation Trophy

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AI4Sustainability : vainqueur du trophée de l’innovation
au salon Big Data & AI Paris

La Javaness a développé avec ses partenaires la solution C-in.City pour la mesure en quasi-temps réel des émissions CO2 des villes.

Le projet Carbon-Intelligent City (C-in.City) a bénéficié le financement du programme de recherche et innovation d’Horizon 2020 dans le cadre du programme européen AI4Cities. Ce financement nous a permis de développer la solution et la mettre en place dans plusieurs collectivités pilotes en Ile-de-France, à Copenhage. C-in.City a été recompensé à Big Data & AI Paris en 2022.

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See real business impact.

Let AI help scale it.

Engage with customers in the most relevant way

Deploy a winning product strategy with unrivaled market intelligence 

Accelerate time-to-market of products and services 

Enhance operational efficiency and agility

Increase customer satisfaction with augmented customer service 

Automate low-value-added processes

Turn risk control and compliance into a competitive advantage

Protect your organization against fraud and cybersecurity attacks


Discover our solutions


Cognitive search & insights platform


Intelligent process automation


Real-time predictive intelligence

LJN Enterprise AI Factory

Accelerate your path to AI at scale

Sovereignty and ethics of AI to shape strong and resilient enterprises

One of the few independent and non-VC-backed AI companies headquartered in Paris, La Javaness is committed to defending the technology and AI sovereignty of European public and private organizations

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Amplify open source, promote knowledge and skills sharing


Create new jobs with AI while helping to preserve and transform existing ones

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Design and implement the human control in every AI system

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Share our "open source" AI solutions with public and private organizations in Europe

Holding up to diversity and human values since our founding date, our multidisciplinary and multicultural teams work hand in hand with clients to build ethical AI by design.


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Voice of our clients

"We leveraged accelerators from La Javaness, notably Otto, that helps us take a leap in deploying AI solutions"

Richard RUOT, Director, Pôle Emploi

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